It's time to
RELAX and Enjoy

Welcome to our Farm Stay
The humans just live here with us!

Our Friendly Pet Sheep

A must when you come to stay at Ironbark Farm Stay is to go and visit our pet sheep – Lamby, Pammy, Mecky and Ringo.
They love to say hi but more importantly they love to have you hand feed them and give them a scratch on the head or under their chins.

They are most certainly the star attractions!

Meet our girls in the front paddock

Wander over to the front paddock to see our girls and Roger the Rooster too! They share the paddock with Elvis and Priscilla our resident geese.


Our guests are more than welcome to give them any food scraps you may have during your stay.

Our Cute Pet Lambs

We have from time to time, some baby cute little pet lambs we welcome to our farm family.  Lisa bottle feeds them when they are young and if you are staying and we have a pet lamb or two that we are hand rearing, and you or the kids are interested in bottle feeding, give Lisa a call or send a message to enquire to book a feeding session in.  Also check out our Facebook page for any recent posts to find out if we have any new additions.


Meet Elvis and Priscilla – our resident geese. They reside in the front paddock and keep a good eye on the place for us.



Our cattle reside in a couple of different paddocks over our 2 farm properties, we run a small mob of cows with one Murray Grey bull.

You may get to see them off in the distance grazing in the paddocks, usually with some calves at foot.


Meet Lucy and Ricky, our latest additions here at Ironbark.  Our cheeky little pygmy goats, Lucy and Ricky are still in training as we get them used to human contact.


Meet Jess, our farm dog, well sort of 😉

She is more a farmyard dog and just loves a ride in the Ute when it’s time to check the sheep, or you may see her checking on the chickens at the end of the work day!